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            A Trusted Midp & Small Business Tax Advisor Near You

            CPC extends its services to businesses of every shapes & sizes. Whether you are looking for small business tax advisor near you or need help of a trusted accountant for a small business near you, CPC is the place of your first trust.

            Experience seamless financial management for your business with Clearwater Professional Corporation.

            Reach to us for getting customised accounting and tax service packages for small businesses like

            business planning for growth

            QuickBooks management

            corporate taxation strategy

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            We Provide Most Exclusive
            Service For Business

            Small Business

            We pride ourselves in helping Small Businesses to succeed in the marketplace.

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            Small Business
            CFO Services

            Do you want to work smarter and faster to achieve your small business goals?

            Read More

            Corporate &
            Personal Taxation

            Tax laws are complex and dynamic, and n be challenging to navigate as

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            Payroll processing ,
            Employee Benefits

            Are you spending hours on payroll processing, when you should be running your business?

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            Certified Project
            Management Specialists

            Certified by Kepner Tregoe , one of the most respected project specialists in North Ameri ,

            Read More

            Growth Modeling-
            Business Planning Services

            Start up enterprises , new ventures require a feasibility report not only to

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            Company Incorporation
            and registration

            CPC provides easy , affordable and fast Company incorporation and registration services.

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            Cloud Accounting- Quickbooks Online
            & Desktop Advanced ProAdviors

            Are you struggling to setup or maintain your .

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            nada Revenue Agency Audits and
            Review Follow up and management

            We help you with any audits or reviews that you might .

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            REQUEST A LL BACK

            Contact us today to learn how we n help you.
            Personalized re, trusted advice, and expert services.

            Unit 2-E, 5420, Mainway, Burlington, ON L7L 6A4, nada

            (905) 467-6471


            Monday to Friday — 9am to 6pm


            We are very glad to get
            client review.

            At CPC Accounting, clients are the lifeblood. Our testimonials tell you everything you need to know about our range of services.
            Our proactive team will efficiently help you drive your tax and business strategy. See what our happy
            clients have to say about us, and anticipate what we n provide your company.


            I was looking on the internet to find an accountant for our newly incorporated business and the name
            ught my eye. I lled and Rizwan was very fast and professional on replying back.
            Since then he’s been always helpful and available and I’m confident that he’ll help us
            to grow and succeed our corporate goals.

            Zissis Mihas

            CPC was recommended by a friend. I have several income sources and understanding my pay
            and taxation has always been a nightmare. I just wanted to thank them all for explaining it all
            to me using simple terminologies I could understand and now handles the ever changing tax codes.
            I am so grateful. Thank you.

            Akasha Hassan

            Exceptional service from experienced and knowledgeable professionals at affordable rates. The individuals
            working here are all extremely friendly and helpful.
            I would highly recommend CPC Accounting for all accounting and tax services.
            Thank you for all your assistance!.

            Parlato's tering

            Cpccounting Blog

            Gain clarity on accounts and financial statements to increase your profitability for business development.
            Check out our blog for tips on running a successful business.

            7 Accounting Trends ....

            Technology and business go hand in hand as technol....

            nada Corporate Tax....

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            Common Pitfalls ....

            The ambience for small business in nada is not v....

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